Gingr Me!

                                       All New Gingr!

It all started with a SMS from 11 random groups with a question “Where can we get unlimited supply of liquor package under our budget?” and that’s how the uber cool concept of “gingr” started.

The world is moving in a fast lane for the customers just like me and you. And nowadays, It’s all about leaving a text with a smiley and ending up with getting a satisfying reply for the same! And that’s the eaiset way to understand, how gingr actually works. The main theme for which it’s based upon is to connect and make a communication link between the local businesses with their addicted customers.

In fact, you will even get surprised to know that Gingr is the first instant messaging service which directly lets the user instantly connect and chat with the local business around for free. Amazing isn’t it?

You can find anything and everything on the go with the gingr mobile and desktop app! Everyday you land up with millions of questions, so why not get your answers resolved then and there from the professional’s itself? Hell Yes, gingr indeed is the app you are looking for!

Do you have it in stock?

What are the charges for haircut?

Can I get a cab to airport in an hour?

Can we get a table for 5?

Yes! They’ve it has got all. Gingr was under a beta testing between exclusive 2500 customers from past 4 months. Now they are launching it publicly at whole Delhi-NCR region. The main focus for now is on 7 categories like Food & Nightlife, Wellness (spa, gyms, parlors, massage), Cabs, music & Sports Equipments and Mobile Stores.

Also, they’re not just active on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc, but with good amount of their following of  their regular updates and news feed about the products makes them even more connected with their users.

So what are you still waiting for? Get yourself a gingr experience and indulge into the magic, because they’ve even featured in ndtv gadgets list as a startup! And that maybe be another reason to add up and get tempted to download one for you!

You can like them on facebook at- and follow on twitter by- @_gingr.

Happy Gingring! Cheers! 


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