Happiness is Attending & Meeting DJ Tommy Trash! There must be something special about him, who is ranked #55 among the DJ Mag Top 100 & you bet indeed it is! Tommy also has been nominated for the grammy awards and also has remixed some of the top tracks for notable DJ’s like Steve Aoki, SHM, Deadmou5 etc.

Coming down to his concert at Kitty Su, Delhi. It was one of the best night of my life to enjoy for! The crowd along with me head-banged our way all thorough the night and he absolutely made all us go nuts! The time he took over the disc, there was no way stopping back then! Apart from his own creations, he rubbed his hands with those of some of the remix tracks of Steve Aoki, SHM, Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and many many more! Surprisingly he played some of the vintage old tracks from Draft Punk and Fatboy Slim too!


Some of my favorite tracks which I jumped my asses up were-

1. Animals- Martin Garrix

2. Clarity- Zedd

3. Sunrise- Aston & Tommy Trash

4. The Veldt- Deadmou5

5. Feel So Close- Calvin Harris

Along with that he played the crowed pleasers tracks which we instantly screamed and complimented him for the same! Through out the night not for even a moment felt tired or something like that, indeed it was the trash effect which let us stay up and wave our hands!

Would really like to thanks Festival Sherp, Kitty Su, Submerge, Bangin Beats for landing one of the best DJ in the capital and helping us to actually get #Trashed!


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