Snap Me!

Top 5 Places Where People Visit Just To Snap Nowadays!

Hello to you all! After intensive days of research and hard work. I’ve finally summed up those Top 5 places where people actually visit just to *click* themselves up to share on Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp/Instagram and the list goes on! I know you’ll really hate me after this blog, but the truth is even “I’ve Did The Same”! So, Fasten your seat belts! The hilarious countdown is about to begin!

1. Starbucks

Shocked? No! You better not be! Starbucks is that one of the place where actually people visit to take pictures! Come on! You don’t trust me? I bet, if you’ve ever visited Starbucks, you must have at-least 1 pictures which you’ve shared either on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc. Don’t You?

Yeah! That's how you Pose at Starbucks!

Yeah! That’s how you Pose at Starbucks!

2. Bowling Club.

I even don’t know why! But still people want themselves to get snapped while bowling! Ok, even I did the same! The best part is people pose amazingly! Either by taking the bowling ball in their hands or by throwing it! And the worst part is, they also snap themselves with a their bowling shoes! I mean seriously?

Not so perfect click!

Flintstones did it! But now, I mean he’s gone!

3. Sports Events

No matter the sport it may be! Football, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Motor-racing etc. If people are attending it, they surely snap themselves out there just to show presence to their friends! I know, you’ve did this for sure and the best part is even I’ve done the same! “humans” after all!

Look! A player! Click him! :P

Look! A player! Click him! 😛

4. Playing Pool/Snooker!

Yeah! I’m paying bucks for a hour! So this pic is must to have as a proof that I did something really awesome! Yes! Unfortunately, I have to add  this on my list because it’s what everyone do during playing pool!

Yo Mamma! Lemme show you how to strike! :P

Yo Mamma! Lemme show you how to strike! 😛

5. Music Concerts/Festivals!

When it comes to click! Nothing goes bigger than Music Concerts for sure! Also, it’s been a fashion and a trend nowadays! Many of the artist have compliant regarding that people give more attention towards their camera and phones than the music! But, who cares? We are paying for the tickets naa? Enjoy!

DJ is dropping the beat man! Get your camera ready!

DJ is dropping the beat man! Get your camera ready!

So these are my some of the places where attending and clicking pictures are a trend and fashion to follow! Also,  do you know some of the places more? Feel free to leave a reply!


One thought on “Snap Me!

  1. Oh my! That’s like my Newsfeed in your blog post up there. I agree, though, if I may add, the favourite place for a selfie continues to be the Bathroom mirror – the one with the best light! 😛

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