That Fragrant Surprise!


First of all, I would like to clarify that this is my very first Product Review Blog. So please bear with me because after all I’m learning!

Well this week I got some Air Wick Festive edition products which contained a Diffuser, Velvet Rose Spray and an Automatic Spary .

About The Product:

Nowadays Room Freshners have become a must have utility to own. Well, they are deigned for spreading the fragrance of freshness and are quite well in performing it. A click/switch can freshen your mood up and creates a fresh wave around the home! Two clicks are more than enough to keep your home stay good and fresh all day long. For obvious reasons, I find the product reasonable too.

Try & Buy-

The products can work at both small and large homes. I mean, If you’ve got a big home or a small one the only difference is about giving out a few clicks more for the big one.

The Con-

The only thing which is lacking is ‘automatic switch off button’ in both diffuser and automatic spray. Once you turn them on, just in-case if you forget to switch them off, they will keep on spraying in regular intervals until you switch them off.

Final Verdict-

Go for it! If you want to buy a good air freshener, then Air Wick is what you should prefer. So much of variety of fragrance to choose from and also Air Wick is really a cool brand with a good history and reputation in the market for years from now.



The only reason why I’ve detected is because of the reason of auto shut.

Did you liked my post? Feel free to drop your valuable suggestions in the reply option down there, I mean just down to the poll option! Have a great day!


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