The Perfect Weekender!


They said “The Happiest Music Festival is Back!”, Yeah! Well said! Live. Love. Party. Music. Food. Ride. Friends. Rock. Metal. Awesomeness! They’ve got it all! And yes, this is one of the best Music Fest I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s more than Music, it’s something much bigger than that!


So it all started with my group of Delhi friends which includes Pawan, Jatin, Sachin, Sahil and Shubham when we all arranged our passes for the NH7 weekender at the Buddh International Circuit. And to a much extend, as far I know my friends, the core reason was to have a ride at te “Hot Air Balloon” which we got from Bacardi Official and guess whatttttt I really can’t explain those feelings going up at 150 ft high and watching the event! I mean is an experience which one can never ever forget, probably the best seats in the house! No brownie for the guesses! :P

So the another thing which spiced us at the event was to get the ride of “Gaint Wheel”! No doubt, I’ve had a ride on that many times in my childhood but feeling the wind pace at that pretty moment was really damn amazing. Watching all the music stations from that height was something everybody wanted to have.

Also, the best part of the festival for me was to have a personnel meet and greet with one of my really favorite comedian and Actor Vir Das! And for that, all the credit goes to Pawan bro! For me it was like meeting a person whom I really idolize a lot. Truly an amazing guy and a Jester!

Pick Yours!

Pick Yours!

For summing my post up, I would only say that NH7 is itself a whole summery of my year! Alright, Let me explain! I’ve seen reggae rajahs perform in Snoop Lion, I’ve seen Rajasthan Roots in local cultral events, and many others perform LIVE before! So basically they sum up my year with their performance in Nh7 Weekender respectively! And so thus made a smashing success for me!

I really hope Bacardi keeps up the good spirit and continues to perform the same as every time! Which means “beyond the expectations”. For me, that’s all for now. Hope you guys had a good time reading about my review. So, I request you kindly drop me a reply and share it. See you all for the next time! That’s me *Signing Off!* #NH7MakesMeHappy #HappiestMusicFestival


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