Spot a Shutterbug!

It’s been a while from now that I’ve been working on an extreme project and now when I’m all done with my research it’s time to pen it down and share out with you all guys and *girls (*I mean girls? really?) Ok, Let me come back to the point. A Shutterbug. What exactly is a shutterbug?  How did it all started? What do they do? Why the hell they are so important that Pranay Singh has to write a blog on them? These are some of the points what may be popping inside your mind when I would have spammed this blog link on your TL. So it all started with…..


Let me brief you with a short history behind the story of Shutterbugs, Person who gets a DSLR as a gift in his B’day or buys it with his savings is ‘not’ a shutterbug. He clicks some random clouds, tress and leafs etc. PS basically those photos which fulfills his desire of snapping pics which he used to see in google also does not make him a shutterbug. He uploads those photo’s on social media and gaining appraisal from others also does ‘not’ makes him a shutterbug.


Now when it has been a quite few hours and days from his last album, he then creates a FB page of his photos with a title “My F#@*% Photography” also does…… Oh! Wait! Your wait is over! Now actually he joins in the race of shutterbugs’! Much to an extent he then instantly snaps a picture of himself along with the DSLR camera and marks a flashy tagline is the moment when he enrolls himself to the ‘Shutterbug Club’. Now because of the appraisal from his fellow shutterbug friends, he tries to evolve himself by clicking the pictures of ‘Real India’. And in general terms ‘Real India’ is what I mean here are the places of poverty, slums, villages and snapping some poor malnourished poor kids is that ‘one’ single picture that you will surely find in his FB photography page album.

***How to Spot a Shutterbug in Just 3 easy steps!***

As I told you! After the intense research, I Pranay Singh a amatuer wanabe blogger thus I sum up some bullet points for you to spot a shutterbugs-

1. Selfie DP-



Brotha! It’s 30k camera! Lets flash it up in my FB and photography page! To all my viewers out there… Mid Ya!

2. Real India? Poverty it is!

India.. You know!

India.. You know!

Visiting a nearby slum or village and getting the pics of those poor kids along with their toys is a picture which can surely complete his album. Come on! Apply your brain and just imagine! You’ve got no sense of  clicking photographs and you rush away to an village for no reason! Heights of hell!

3. FB Page-


To register for becoming an official shutterbug please follow these steps as <My (space) Awesome/Amazing/Cool/Nature etc. (Space) Photography>! 😛

Also, before you end up reading this and absue me after. I clarify you that not every photographer is a shutterbug. It’s because of the latest trend which everybody has started following in India nowadays about the photography is reason why I wrote it. My views are personal.

*Issued in Public interest*


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