Kya Aap TDC Hai?

It’s been more than 2 months for me to extremely research on a abbreviation called “TDC” which basically means a “Typical Delhi Chu***” I heard about in the workplace but then got to used to hear this term very often. So here is small little brief about a TDC and checking as if you fall in the same.



After reading out some pages, googling and reading out few blogs, no doubt this slang is originated in any of the engineering college from Bangalore, Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Uttar Pradesh. 
The main target or aim remains on the guys who are a big time wannabes and showoff everything like hell. Also a thing which must be noted is that “NOT ALL DELHI-ITES are TDC, even if you are from Pune, Mumbai or Punjab can certainly make you fall in the same category as well”. So better Beware and check out whether you qualify as one or not one of them-
1. iPhone-
Well the truth is “If you don’t have an iPhone, then you’re SAVED”
2. Hair Gel-
You use hair gel even to get that “wacky look”.
3. DPS/Modern School-
Bro! Let’s face it. If you have studied in DPS or Modern. This qualifies you almost 50% for becoming a TDC.
4. English-
If you think English is above and all to all the other languages. And laughs for those who speaks purely in Hindi.
5. BBM-
Even tough BBM is now available on Android now,if you still own a z10 or use BBM. Then assure yourself as a proud TDC.
6. The “Baap” Factor-
IF you have ever said “Jaanta hai mera Baap kaun hai”. Welcome to the TDC family
So, here is my summary of a TDC. If you find yourself as one, Well then! Ok! 😛



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