Honestly, I’ve always dream of going to Auto Expo during the business class or basically anytime before the public hours since 7th or 8th standard! And, Bang that! It was Honda which give me an amazing experience to witness the Auto Expo 2014 on 6th’Feb!

The Concept-

Well, the concept of Honda for the Auto Expo 2014 is pretty much clear by the name which is “Step Into The Future” and indeed was a smashing success! Mobilio, Jazz,  XS-1, NSX and Accord were the show stoppers!

The Event-

The main aim was to engage and fit a connection of new models and improvements done in the Honda cars along with the Indian Customers. Also, to spice up the event was some magic tricks by Franz Harare which got huge applaud from the crowd after every trick.

My Verdict-

NSX was smoking hot! Much to an extent Mobilio looked quite good and spacious too. Altough, the price is yet to be revealed. But, sources claim that the car may be priced between 7-9 lakhs. Which is a bit too high in competitors to the other cars like Swift, Mazda and Jazz as well. But, the final verdict remains of the customer. So let’s hope, we see whole lots of Mobilio burning own the streets soon.

Here are some of the pictures, which I was lucky enough to capture. 

WP_20140206_018 WP_20140206_023 WP_20140206_026 WP_20140206_028


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