Some Styles Fade, Only Few Get Even Better. -#StanSmith


The Brief-

To be frank, I don’t follow Tennis very much unless it’s my Dad or my brothers yelling out some names like andre agassi, boris becker, Arthur AsheJay Berger or ‘Stan Smith’ while watching a tennis game.

But, few days back I got a golden opportunity to step into the life of Stan Smith and his achievements during his time. Winner of some notable titles like US open, Wimbledon, Australian Open and many more to name a few Stan Smith truly is a legend and creator of modern day tennis.

The Mini Theater –

Well, you can see a picture right on the top. Yeah! That one, that’s what the stan smith museum actually looks like. Also, they’ve got a Nintendo inside too which is enough to lure the small one’s to stay and hold them for a time. Also, some of the top designers like Ratnesh Rastogi, Himanshu Dogra and Namrata Joshipura were there to make there presence.

Also, they’ve got a personalized ‘Stan’ Yourself photo booth where you can get yourself clicked and ‘stanned’!

And Also…. Oh Wait! Too much to ask for?

Here are some of the Stan Smith Shoe’s which you will find inside there and read their amazing story with the shoes.

So much stories to share!

So much stories to share!

by Namrata Joshipura

by Namrata Joshipura

WP_20140215_007 WP_20140215_008So Guys! Take your time, plan well and do make a visit DLF Promenade, just in-front of dlf emporio and get to know the awesome world of Stan Smith and his legacy!


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