IPL Calma!

We are crazy. We are retards. We Eat. We Sleep. We Drink. We Play. We Cheer. We Cry. In short, We Are Cricket Crazy! And guess what, IPL is what we all eagerly wait for. Season after season, Players come and go, New technology, New Theme Songs, New Jerseys, New Franchisee. But, above everything. One thing remains on the top, and that’s our passion towards the Gentleman’s Game! Loading into the Awesomeness! Loading into the Awesomeness! For every IPL, I finish my work before 8*, (or sometimes even before 4pm) lay down on my couch, grab my remote and yell my friend or brother (whoever closer) to bring those popcorn when Delhi Daredevils get into the action. But, beside the TV when my cable operator may suck a big time. I’ll make sure not to miss even a ball. Because, yes! I’ve now got the uber cool starsports.com app for my iPad/Mobile on the go to watch live streaming of the game!

This app! I love this APP!

This app! I love this APP!

Stats, Standings, Coverage, Live Stream and much more. Without any doubt, I seriously consider that this app is made for all those IPL freaks out there! Remember the moment when you fall into a brawl with your friend regarding a match which happened few days back and you bet on pity things? Well, that’s the best part of the app which I loved! A complete ‘Result’ tab with each and every detailed info about the game is provided on the go which  not only completes your hunger but also helps in solving the brawl quickly.

Detailed into for every game!

Detailed into for every game!

Also, instant social media sharing option for twitter & facebook has made the app even more complete unlike the other live streaming app’s available. Truly, the starsports app has really changed the way you watch the game. Electricity issues, Cable issues, Remote Possession Issues with Mum/Sister or anything else. Don’t worry! Just kanna keep calm, yourself down to the washroom and enjoy! Your complete app to get into the game! Kudos, Star Sports.com for the app and most of the important for keeping it Free!


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