The Phone Charging Myths, De-codded!

By this blog you will find out the 3 phone charging myths which are usually assumed by the people. ‘Do not leave your phone to charge overnight’ or ‘Do not use your phone while charging’, are these correct or just a myth? Lets find out,


Myth 1 : Charging your phone overnight kills the battery.


Well yes, its a myth. Once the phone is charged up it does not intake more. So, yes you can leave it for charge overnight. But yes, this does not mean ‘every night’ are because access of everything is bad.


Myth 2: You should not use your phone while charging


It’s a big time myth that do not use your phone while charging, people actually think that using it while charing will actually ‘explode’ or something but it’s untrue. Yes, try to avoid the third party charger at times. That’s it.


Myth 3: Charge only when it’s completely dead.


Charge, plug and use! C’mon it’s a smart machine, it is build for it. There’s nothing like to charge only when its dead. You cannot walk away for a trip with your 60% battery don’t you? So, charge it when you want. It’s a Myth!


One thought on “The Phone Charging Myths, De-codded!

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