India’s Biggest Sale! or Sales?

From newspapers to each and every social media platform available. The buzz is about ‘Flipkart – The Big Billion Day’ on 6 th of October, starting from from 8 am.


What caught my attention was the claim of done by Flipkart for India’s Biggest Sale! Thus, with the help of few chrome extensions & other reference. I actually found out that it was never an actually a sale! It’s all that pricing strategy done by brands to show that ‘discounted 50% off sticker’ on their bottom right corner.

The biggest of all which I found was the Soch Sari.

Pricing recorded before Sale.

Pricing recorded before Sale.

Whereas the actual product can be found at

60% Off?

60% Off?

Not only this, These are different prize hike recorded in each category.

Fashion & Clothing



Price Hike all of a sudden?

Price Hike all of a sudden?


Thus, these are few to follow up & many more ‘billions’ product listed to be raised. So be careful and choose wisely. Although, not completely disagree with this so called ‘Biggest Sale’ some products maybe at lowest ever pricing, but still sudden price raise is mystery to be unfold. Choice stands yours!




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