A Celebration called, Diwali.

‘Diwali kab ki hai?’, A question every time we ask or hear the moment we step into in the calender year. Diwali for everyone means much more than a festival. Its being into a state of happiness which cannot be defined. Travelling across your states, meeting the old ones after a year or more, watching the new ones and our dearest one’s.

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Diwali carries the tradition & more like our culture from one year to the next. From buying bags full of crackers to now burning handful of them. From sweets to now chocolates, cold drinks & snacks. Diwali shifts the custom every year & will continue to do the same.

Diwali to me is much like a celebration of life. The celebration which we have achieved so far in the life and planing more to achieve till the next one. From buy new clothes and gifts to painting our rooms, it truly is celebrating your life!

You do not need to even look upon the calenders when the diwali is around. Its more like you can feel it from the environment created itself around you. From a big wealthy brand to a little start up, from buying a new car to pen. You can watch lots of offers which itself show the madness among every Indian.

No matter the place you live in, booking for diwali to the hometown starts to worry from the month of May-June-July. Because, nothing.. nothing can beat the taste of celebrating Diwali in your home. It’s more like being into he Nostalgia of how you celebrated when you were a little prick who used to chase down moon and the best part of Diwali was used to be a Diwali gift, which either used to be your long awaited wish or the thing you kept on crying upon.

Well, apart from everything. What I found was the most interesting Diwali Campaign was created by PepsiCo, named #GharWaliDiwali. And believe me, This video really shows the root & tradition of Indian history. The reality which is now and what it used to be in those early good days and how it has become limited in our busy daily routines inside the four walls. Definitely, the story and the beauty of this video will shed you into tears…

Indeed, Diwali without our parents, without our family, our nearest & dearest one’s is never complete. And this video has proved this, no matter no matter your life takes you into a roller coaster journey. The love! The love will get it back for you (zindagi kahi bhi le jaye, plaay wapas le hi aata hai).

May this diwali, as like always brings lot’s and lot’s of happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your family.

Diwali is coming.. What are you waiting for?

Must visit https://www.gharwalidiwali.com/, a great initiative by Pepsi & Kurkure. Cheers!


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