EMC Forums – Where the innovation speaks


It was just like an another day for me to wake up and follow up my schedule, what made my day special was heading up for the EMC Forums Meet 2014, where the global leaders meet and exchange their thoughts and views about the current scenario and how it can be changed for the better future.

This year, EMC Formus 2104 was held on 9th-10th October at J.W Marriott from 9 am to 7 pm. The main focus of the event was to ‘Redefine IT an
d Business to a Software Defined Enterprise’. From watching Drones to a motivational speech by Chetan Bhagat, this forum had everything! The key highlights for Day 2 were

Rice Bucket Challenge


A new Asian Book of records was attempted and made for collecting more than 3000kg of rice in 15 mins at  by tweeting #rice bucket challenge.The aim was to tweet till the timer stop using the hashtag, and with 319 tweets in no time the collective effort help 3000 kgs of rice to the needy.

After,  completing the task. It was time for a tech speech by Mr Rajesh Janey, who is the President of SAARC and EMC Corporation India. A new force was clearly seen by Mr Janey, who came up with different ideas and inspired many.

EMC Lab Experience

‘Welcome to the future buddy’, that’s what I felt when I stepped up inside the EMC Lab, where many of the super computers were programmed and loaded with software’s of the future. The engineers were showing the demo of the software’s which will be sooner or later the important tool for business.

Networking Sessions

t was quite an unusual for a guy from commerce field enrolling for a ‘Tech Session’ but I was really amused to learn new things in the most simple way by Mr Roshan Pradeep Kumar.

Meanwhile I spotted a trend of taking ‘Selfies in the tech way’!, This box named ‘ISILON’ was roaming around and taking snaps people within seconds by making any sound.

Then it came the beat down of the competition, it was ‘Build Your Own Hybrid Cloud’. With steps mingled all around, one had to write the step by step to how to start and build up their own Hybrid Cloud network. Well, it was that worth a shot for me!

The Chetan Bhagat experience


Renowned Author Mr Chetan Bhagat addressed the fully packed hall with his motivational speeches and showing the importance of social media in the upcoming future. With that, it was time to say goodbye and set the timer for the EMC Forum 2015. I feel very obliged to be a part of the wonderful event, it was really great! Heads up for the next!


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