#LetsHelp Raunac ki Dilli

Listening to my favorite tracks of the week on Red FM, while heading to my college from my home and all of a sudden what I hear was quite unusual and sounded uncanny. A random call from the mystery man to RJ Raunac and offering to help with a whooping amount of 10 lakhs rupees! At first, it sounded much like a ‘band’ or ‘prank’ by anyone on air but after a quite chat he sounded to be very serious to come out and help forward.

The Mystry Man

Less known and to hide his identity he this ‘mystery man’ has just revealed his motive to help and has a quite surprising story behind it. ‘I was in need of money and then all of a sudden someone helped me and now, I want to do the same by helping someone by giving Rupees 10 Lakhs’. So Delhi, its your high time now. Start now! 7531935935 is the number to call, nominate and share stories of people who they think deserve this money. Also watch this beautiful video by RJ Raunac

Tanzeer’s Story

While every story is inspiring and heart warming, I would like you all to listen Tanzeer’s story. And if you are wondering what’s my connection with him? Well, I have played alongside with Tanzeer for the same team in CFL. He’s a promising and uprising footballer. Goes to early morning training at 4am, works hard and is fully dedicated towards football. Liverpool FC is such a big name in India and for an teenager Indian playing in their academy is more than dream. Listen to inspiring story of him here below

You can also listen other stories on their soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/red-fm-india So #LetsHelp Raunac ki Dilli. here is a small start! I can step forward and contribute a bit to make this world a better place. Everyday in our lives we come across the people who need help, we can do our part to help them a bit. Because, who knows a even a small step from us can create such a huge difference in their life! Come on Dilli #LetsHelp! #10LakhTereHaath


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