Chicken Business

Ewood Park

When the Indian based Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group (VH Group), a big name of poultry products acquired Blackburn Rovers back in November 2010 for £23 Million, it was considered to be one the best things which could happen to Indian Football. But later, it has now become one of the possibly worst thing for both Venky’s & Blackburn as well. From once being playing for mid of the table to the survival and then relegating it to the Football League Championship. Things have turned up drastically and now also creating a bad image of the Indian Management globally. Also much to the extend, Venky’s have been voted as the worst owners ever in football. The fallen 25% after the buy speaks it all, and now for the well being if the club the fans have bought a very minor stake to raise capital for the blue and whites.


The Wrong Turn :

Blackburn Rovers Fans were pretty confident when the club was took over by Venky’s, thinking they will bring good players and capital to the club. But, what happened is infact of everyone as the owners neither brought the capital, nor signed new players. Infact, great players have left the club with the club in pain. Rovers have not left with any key players except if count the Goalkeeper Robinson as one. The Rao family is clearly destroying the club and what all the rovers fans can expect is when will this nightmare will come to an end. It is time for some actions, either sell the club or bring capital and quality management. But, what it matters is to take actions and quickly otherwise with the current estimated calculations, the club is losing £2 mil every year with the depreciated value.

Fans Outburst :

A chicken walks across the pitch during the Barclays Premier League match between Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic

OB-VU679_ivenky_G_20121227081502 Venky’s-Out-Blackburn-Rovers-Fans-Protest


Stupid Adverts :

Venky’s should understand there’s a huge difference between India & England. Making stupid ad’s like one down there below would have been easily enjoyed for any cricket team or with a bollywood star. But, football club? That too in England? No, it won’t work at all.

Final Takes :

Just stop ruining football Venky’s. Even though it’s hard for Indian fans, but what’s is in best interest for the club and you. – By an Indian Football Fan



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