#UnconditionalLove with Asus

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.39.53 pm

Welcome to my blog again readers, but before I get started with other aspects of the newly launched Asus Zenfone. I would like you to answer my following questions-

1. Looking for a economical phone?

2. Want that phone with fully loaded features?

3.  Multi color cases so that you choose the color according to your own mood?

4. Strong & bump free?

Yes? Yes? Yes? & Yes?Alright, then introduce to you the Asus Zenfone! Not just the above-mentioned features the Zenfone is pretty much loaded with all the current technology. Camera, Build, Apps this phone has just got it all.


Choose any of your Zenfone from the link listed below


Still waiting for a reason to make up your mind? Watch this video for more

You do not need a reason to gift yourself something awesome? Don’t you? Go ahead and choose your phone from the variety of the Zenfones!

My Take: Worth A SHOT!


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