Let’s #StartANewLife


“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

From a local Delhiite to moving away from places to places to experience the thrills. That’s how my life has been changed over the few years. From watching people from the same age groups doing awesome things on TV to becoming one & watching by the others. I must say ‘life is swinging in circles for me’. There’s been a complete transformation from the Pranay I know beneath me & the Pranay I’ve become by discovering places & meeting new people around the globe.

Earlier I used to wonder how people can roam around in such a small age to places but then realising myself that there is no time for the change. It comes from within & beneath myself was the traveller who just want to go around and have fun in almost every corner of the globe!

The change began from my last year in school where I discovered the fact that there’s more to life to discover & nothing other than you yourself can stop you from doing best things in world. What added more to me was my dads support to do whatever in life I wanted to do because pssst you know how Indian Mom’s react when their child goes out. So yeah, Dad was and is with me no matter where I am and whatever I do. His freedom has built me great confidence in myself and that’s what keeps me going.

Till the time I reached my college, I was self-sufficient too. I worked hard and saved for my local trips because I never wanted my passion towards travel would become a burden for my dad’s pocket. Thus, I started to work and started saving for my thrust to watch every damn possible thing in the city. Apart from this, being active in social media boosted my presence & thus even got sometimes paid trips too! This boosted my moral to even do more frequent trips. Although that’s not all. Every time I get time from my busy college class, we take our car out & drive towards any local spot just enjoy local dishes & places.

With all this, I came to know that one thing in life is important & that’s ‘passion’. Passion can make you things which you always wanted to do and when there’s a passion, it helps you to motivate & work hard for the goals. Because it’s not just about life, its about doing things which you want. To show as an achievement in the life. It can be anything, for you it may be cooking food or collect anything. It all comes from self-belief and passion! All you need to do is identify it and work harder to attain it. Because, that’s what life is all about.

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