#LookUp for Life!

sky-hd-wallpaperThere was a time when I was not able to clear my board exams and what was more to add to the chaos was failing in the pre boards exams miserably! Science, Maths, History story seemed to fatal and it was all dark and blank while opening the textbooks. Mum and Dad thought there’s no way hope for this kid in the future and they should probably arrange something for me. But then, just like out of nowhere I found a person who faced the same problem in his future and is nowadays one of the best CA’s in the Delhi.

‘You’re not the only one here, there are millions more around just like you. In fact, if you would have asked me 5 years later would have added me as well’. This gave me an another way of hope of life and it helped me re-think about the problems which arise in growing up.

I started to study only the things which seemed good to me and alas! I finished my board exams which ease & got pretty good marks as well. This experience made me learn the most important thing in life and that is ‘Hope & optimism’. These two words, which are heard on everyday basis can boost your moral of life very well.

After my first board exams, due to only ‘passing marks’ which were for me were the same as 99% for a topper made me choose commerce. Although, every family wants their kid to be a doctor or engineers. Choosing commerce made be work for it pretty well. Because apart from the ‘basic study’ there are more things in life to discover within. Passion, Determination, Zeal, The urge to never give up and leadership skills matter & this was the field which made me discover my option. It was again the 12th boards exams. ‘College main admission nahi milega’, ‘Sharma ji ke ladke ke maths main 90% aaye hai’ etc are pretty common scenario’s in our life. But, one must understand that every kid is special. It differs from person to person to perish his skills or just sit back and do nothing.

Boards exams went well and I secured, 80% in my top 4 subjects. Much to an extend I got 90 in both English & business studies. Which I was pretty much surprised because I never secured 90 marks in my entire school life.

Thus, with just little things you can find an inspiration & optimism and who knows you can be the one whom you always wanted to ever become. Go ahead! Dream & cherish this life by looking up. There’s no one apart from just you who can be the change and stand out for a change. This was my looking up the story. The general story of every middle-class household story. What’s yours? #LookingUp

Till then you look up here at https://housing.com/lookup.


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