father-and-son1 You know your dad is super cool when he starts ‘bro fisting’ you. Well, this is story with my dad when I gave my board exams and was looking out for admission in college. Well, its been a long walk towards getting out from my school life and entering into a whole new world or which you all can say a different phase of life which starts from the college. I started looking out for my options in life and started asking myself as to where I seek myself in the next 5 years, or probably 20 years or when I’ll be lying down somewhere in the hospital and thinking was it right to took that as a design or not. Well yes, I took it. I chose doing BBA over the another alternatives mostly because it did not included Maths in it because, damn! It felt sick every time I used to touch my Maths but still managed to clear it up with grace marks. With all things happening, one day dad showed up to me and asking about my career plans and things I want to achieve in my life. I was blank. Total blank, like my dad never asked me the moment I failed in my 11th class and why all of a sudden he’s asking about my long term goals. I was quite surprised and replied him saying ‘I don’t know’ maybe something in management or anything’. The reply came ‘Do anything, I’m always with you. You want to a traveler go seek out, you want to be activist? Go and do whatever you want to do. This is your life and its only you who can shape it or break it. Just whatever you do, think of me once and push up the button’. This reply really stood me up with joy and excitement. This helped me gain confidence and freedom in life as to whatever I will do, there’s always a person behind me cheering for me and taking my side. Pretty much to the contrast to good old days when the first time you ride a bicycle with the supporters and you are worried of the fall but then it’s your dad who’s holding you beside you and motivating you to peddle up and when you cycled for quite a while you see your dad far behind and smiling at you for unlocking your life goals of riding a bicycle. For me, my dad is my huge inspiration through out. After enrolling myself into the college, we both enjoy staying together. Going out on holidays and helping each other with sorting and tackling thing in life. My dad helps me all! #Together & always with me.  This is the power of being together with my dad! This is my housing story. Whats yours? Check this out https://housing.com/.


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