Say Hello! to MOTO E.

I’ve been a huge Moto follower since the days when they are in the mobile phones technology. Remember the days when your girlfriend used to annoy you with her taunts of ‘you being late to meet her’ or ‘if she doubts you are secretly double dating her or something‘ you used to take out your shiny Moto Phone and *FLIP*. Those were the days. Remember the time when friend used to tease you with his lame comments and you are like ‘you had enough‘ and *BOOM* you flip your Moto. The thing is, Moto phones have always been a revolution to the human race since ages & that’s what Moto phones are known for! Carrying forward their legacy of innovation with affordability, Moto has come up with exciting prospects like Moto G, Moto E & Moto X. Well, Moto G is already amongst the best seller with the current scenario with Motorola has now gone a step further by making smartphones experience even more affordable with the New Moto E. Priced just under 7k, this phone has already rolled eyes of many people with the fully loaded features & quality.

So, how can I start up with my all new smartphone experience with the all new Moto E? Here’s what I thought of


With the 4.5-inch, IPS LCD display Moto E gives me the power to rule the kingdom by playing ‘Kingdom of Siege’ or give a bite of the dust to my fellow competitor by playing Real Racing!


2. Social Networking!

With the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop I can ‘Tweet, Like, Insta Like, Pin, Watch a video etc’. In short, Multitask with ease! Pretty neat isn’t it?


3. 5MP Camera! *Snap, Snap & Snap*

With the 5MP camera, I can click my photo’s more amazingly and with the front camera, take as many selfie’s you want! *The guy in the left, that’s me*

No Calm! It's GOA.

4. I’m gonna never get Lost

I’m Stuck! But guess what? google maps is here to take me to the right place! Now I can go out and wish my ‘Rohini wali aunt’ on the birthday rather than wishing her on facebook.

Rohini. Challenge Accepted.

5. Staying Vibrant

With the new colored straps & cases. I choose my phone color everyday! Yes, every day! Black on Monday, Blue on Tuesday, Red on Wednesday and goes on!


6. Let Coldplay Fix Me

Peace. When no one’s around or while traveling in the metro I can always get my headphones jack in and fall into the rhythms and beats of Coldplay with great music sound quality. Cool isn’t it?


My Verdict:

I can’t wait to get my imagination into reality and get all these things done when I get my hands on the all new Moto E! This was my dream story, what are you gonna do with the all new smartphone experience? Let’s #ChooseToStart!

Visit & get amused!


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