Gillette : Age Of ‘Shavethon’

Before asking me about the above topic ‘Shaveathon’, play this video below.

Gillette just really killed it by this spoof of Avengers: age of ultron & getting heads up for this worldwide. The ad starts with Stark Industries (If you don’t know what Stark Industries was, you watched the wrong video) introducing the new Gillette shaver product & range. The ‘Avenger Inspired Technology’ mainly as Hulk, Captain America, Thor & Iron Man looked really kickass and will make you fall in love with all of them with the first look.

Gillette ended up saying with ‘Superheros need razor too’ was one the best punch which any brand can give & probably killing other leading hyped technological ads. Surely, Gillette R&D is a big time Marvel fan which delivered a master price!


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