AAMA2014 : Real Music, Real Awards

Music. The only universal language which connects people & their hearts! The artists are not less than gods who work hard to get that perfect vibe which gets us moving. While some artists have climbed their way to the success there are still many who are working hard to make it to the top stage. So, lets cut all the intro theme & let me introduce you to Artist Aloud Music Awards 2014! The yearly awards conducted by Artist Aloud which is powered by Hungama.com. This is the 4th edition of the awards & each year its getting bigger & better!


The Plot

This year there are 2 phases of public voting & 1 jury voting. The 1st phase is live now & ends at 22nd April Midnight. The top artist voted in each category will progress in the next round & then will compete at Phase 2 with another public voting which will go live on 29th April. The jury voting will be done by the likes of Mandar Thakur, Suresh Thomas, Samir Bangara, Ashish Joshi, Luke Kenny and many more!

Why Do We Need Awards?

Remember the time when you were aged 10 & used to score good marks? And, after the yearly session gets over the Principal used to call you on stage to hand you a token of appreiciation? Remember that feel? Yes, this is why we exactly need it. Independent & underground artists should be appreciated for their contribution towards Indian Music. This will inspire them to work harder & give them the recognition they always needed.

But, Wait!

Artist Aloud also have the super presence of some of the top music names like Himesh Reshammiya, Kailash Kher, Abhijit Da, Salim Merchant & many more!

How can you help?

Visit http://www.artistaloud.com/aama/genre & chose any category along with the subcategory of Best Male, Best Female, best group, best song & vote on! Every vote counts & will make that artist an inch closer to his award!


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