Shake It With Airtel

Recently I came to know about Airtel Mobile App which is giving out full on surprises to its Airtel surpreises. To be very honest, it’s one of the best way to manage all the service details just with a click of the button. All you need to download the app and shake it off to get surprises flowing to your way! Here are few of the features of the Airtel Mobile app which I really loved and think are possible a step ahead from other service providers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.44.01 pm

1. Airtel Surprises-

Visit Store, Download App & Shake! Yes! It’s that simple! Free coupons which will save you from spending extra and keeping your pocket in full control. Coffee, Chocolate, Ice Cream you name it. They have it! And not only this it reminds about your current recharge and packs which are activated along with the dates they are valid. So, the next time you are out travelling somewhere, with just a click of a button can help you when you can recharge your tariff plans and carry your expedition. Airtel has made it simple for their users to keep track of their account status as well. Thus, Airtel has a surprise for each and every one of you!

2. I Want To..

The second most important features which I want to bring your attention towards is ‘I want to’ tab. Well, I want to tab is my favorite section of the app as because it has got all the features on the go! Yes, on the go! You can even customize the various features, according to your prefrenaces. For example- If I am always short of balance, then I can save ‘balance’ on top of my priority and recharge on the go. This apply with all the features in the app, so different features, different people but one app that unites & binds us all from now! That’s the ‘My Airtel App’.

3. Low Balance Alerts & Reminders on the Go

If you too forget your bill payments and data recharges on time just like me, well  then yes! Airtel my app is now your personal saviour as because it will give you alerts before you miss out your urgent calls and also help you recharge your DTM account as well. It’s one of the fully loaded mobile apps for your every service solution. Just one touch and you are logged in with the things by whom you are always connected with. Some key features are brief below

Add or Remove Airtel Services, Explore Wynk / One Touch Internet/ Airtel Live alerts on low balance, low data, bill payment, due date.
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.43.10 pm
So here it is! Introducing the all new Airtel My App! You can download it from the google, iOs, Windows play store or download it here at

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