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India. A place where cricket is more than just a game and really close to a religion. A place where the cricketers are treated not less than gods it is important for every cricket freak to stay connected with the game. It can be in the form of the live streaming, ball by ball updates or by refreshing your twitter timeline. But the important aspect which needs to be covered is the ‘overall browsing experience because while you multitask with your dear handset it’s important that your browser should also help you by giving a smooth and error free experience. Well identifying all these things UC browser is one of the revolutionary browsers which I ‘ve come across recently. It has also got UC Cricket, so download and experience right now! This browser has got it all for a modern day mobile web user. Some of the key functions which I’ve experianced in my handset and iPad are listed

1. Data Saving Effectiveness

Well yes, trust me. UC browser saves more than 50% of your data balance when compared to the other browser which are in the market. The downloading speed also increases as because of it’s functioning on low data balance which therefore allows you to surf fast and download even faster. So the next time when you are low on your data, you know which place will save your balance.

2. Low Light Reading Sense

Well this feature allows you to read in the night and the best part of this is that you can adjust the brightness of the browser which ultimately helps your eyes to do not take much strain & read with much more ease and comfort. Also, this is just a great feature which really helps you differentiate from the other web browsers.

3. Incredibly Fast

When it comes to surfing, UC browser is really fast. It also uploads photo’s faster than other web browsers and even helps you upload photo’s with greater efficiency. For me, the overall experience was pretty good and I was quite happy by the way UC browser has come up with these little features which combines together and makes an awesome user interface altogether.

4. Privacy Settings

Well UC browser is ‘the’ browser which helps ‘you’ gain the maximum privacy while surfing online and logging on to your social media websites like facebook, twitter, gmail etc from your internet device. In these times where your presence is accounted on your social presence, UC browser can be trusted with it’s advanced privacy settings to help you surf with ease and without worries.

Watch out this latest video by UC Browser.

Listed above were some pointers which I thought are worth to notice, I bet there are pretty more features which have been done on the latest versions of the UC browser. I’ll leave you all by just saying – Make sure you have a good network connection and data balance for everything else there’s UC browser! Download the UC browser here 


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