5 Everyday Habits That Every Amitians Can Relate To

Last blog ‘Things you commonly hear at Amity University’ <Incase you missed out https://thepranaysingh.com/2015/07/23/things-you-commonly-hear-at-amity-university-noida/&gt; got very much positive response so thus here I am penning down another article on ‘5 Everyday Habits That Every Amitians Can Relate To’

1. Chilling out at Balli

Be it aloo pyaz ka paratha, chai and sutta or just sitting and discussing about back papers. We Amtitans just love Balli no matter what!


2. Waking up every morning and planning attendance.

Stay happy! Dettol kills 99% of germs, all you need to do is kill time for that 75% of attendance! No? Ok.

giphy (2)

3. Visiting Central Library

I don’t have any clue about the toppers. But, but people like me or called as the ‘forgotten ones of the class’ only visit for ‘Faster Wifi’.


4. Trying to cross Mahamaya before 9.15 because ‘PARKING ISSUES’!

Oh Yeah! You know it. Because if not, then you might not find any place to park your car!

giphy (1)

And last but not the least!

5. Checking out ‘Humans of Amity’

We cannot meet and know everybody on our campus.. for everything else there’s Humans of Amity!

Got suggestions? Reviews or someone else to say! Feel free to drop a comment below!

Got reviews? Did I miss out something? Suggest me to write on any topic! Drop with your comments below!


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