All You Need to Know About #WhyBanBollywood

So few days back there was an outrage from the Indian media against Bangladesh government even banning Bollywood ringtones in their country. So what is this all about? What will happen? Why did the court pass this order? So everything you need to know about Bangladesh banning Bollywood in their country?


The Theme

Bangladesh has banned Bollywood music, movies and now with recent court judgement they have even banned ‘Bollywood ringtones’. The main motive is said by the Bangladeshi government is ‘It destroy’s the Bangladeshi local cinema and it also affects their culture’. But when on the ground basis the story seems to be different as inside Bangladesh the ‘pirated music and movies are being sold and purchased openly’
India stands with Bollywood
However this topic is buzzing every day in social media with few popular hashtags ‘#WhyBanBollywood & #YoBangladeshSoPirated’ are trending on twitter and many of the Bollywood celebs are coming in support for the fact why Bangladeshi government is showing it’s two-faced character for the same.
The Question
If Bangladesh want to ban Bollywood, it’s their choice. But then a strict action should be taken against people who are doing piracy inside the country. Also, even banning Bollywood ringtones makes no scene at all by the Bangladeshi government. Thus, a corrective measure is required by them.
Here are some of the top reaction from tweeps:

Let people of Bangladesh people & government be the judge. And we should hope for the best by saying….
via Scoop Whoop

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