Review : Acer Z530 and Z630s .

So, Acer recently launched their 2 of the most awaited smartphones yesterday. As stated by a senior Flipkart official ‘The phone is generations ahead’ which I think is partially true. Thus, if you are planning to buy a phone in a 10k segment this Diwali, you might have another option to look up for. I will be running you to all the major specs of both the models Z530 and Z630s respectively.



The Acer Liquid Z530 is given an 8 MP auto focus camera accompanied by a dual LED flash. It gives you a whopping 8 MP camera at the front for extraordinary selfies.
The Acer Z630S is too featured by an 8 MP primary auto focus camera along with the dual LED flash and an 8 MP in the front.
Both of the newly launched smartphones are featured with some of the amazing camera features. Clicking memories now just needs to say ‘cheese’! All you need to say is ‘Selfie’ to switch to the front camera. Switching to another mode just makes you say the name of the mode loud! So, your voice is enough for your smartphone to understand you well. Alongside, selfies are now enhanced by the ‘Bright Magic’ which allow you to get bright selfies even in low light. The another new one is that you can now Capture a photo with 10-second voice recording. This makes it easier for you to make memories with photos and sounds.
Battery Life
The battery life on both the smartphones is absolutely brilliant. The Acer Z530 comes with a 2490 mAh long lasting battery and can give you a full day usage in a single charge. While the Acer Z630S comes with a whopping 4000 mAh battery with more than a day of usage in a single charge!
The Acer Z530 is clocked at 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor accompanied by a 1GB/2GB RAM. Immense gaming, HD videos, listen music and whatever you do, Fast! So, multitask at a glance.
The Acer Z630S is enjoyed with a 1.3 GHz Octa-Core processor with an amazing 3GB RAM! Multitasking in a blink of an eye! Play games, side by side, read Email, listen to music, Tweet, upload photographs, all within a second!
The Acer Z530 gives you a 5′ inch HD IPS display for enjoying Hd videos and photos. Watch out every detail, every outfit, every pixel. Making memories is now truly immense!
On the other side, Acer Z630S has a large 5.5′ inch HD IPS display which too gives a high resolution. Now watch HD movies on your smartphones with every detail. Alongside, the Zero Air Gap feature is simply awesome. It reduces the reflection on your phone.
Acer Z530S is powered by 16 GB internal storage while the Acer Z630S doubles it. The 32 GB storage makes you able to download more applications, load movies, photos, videos and many more. Along with this, both the phones have a micro SD card slot which has a capacity of 32 GB.
Both of the smartphones run the dual sim, both support 4G LTE. With this amazing speed, you could stream videos, upload photos and do whatever with amazing speeds!
Both of the smartphones run on the latest Android Lollipop v5.1 with an amazing Acer Liquid UI which comprises features like Acer Float Caller and Left Page and is highly simple and fluid. This basically aims to make your phone more easy to use.
Quick Touch
This basically is a new way to open things and do, by gestures. Following are the gestures that Acer provides:

Swiping up or down – Unlock

Swipe C – Camera

Swipe V – Call

Swiping Z – Launch Music Player/Play

Swiping O – pause

Swiping leftward – Next Song

Swiping rightward – Previous Song


Acer provides a loud and amazing speaker which takes it to a more professional level. ‘DTS Studio Sound’ gives professional cinema experience to you.

Also, Acer is starting a new movement and you should check it out for sure.

Below is the Flipkart link which will redirect you


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