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The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,200 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Review : Acer Z530 and Z630s .

So, Acer recently launched their 2 of the most awaited smartphones yesterday. As stated by a senior Flipkart official ‘The phone is generations ahead’ which I think is partially true. Thus, if you are planning to buy a phone in a 10k segment this Diwali, you might have another option to look up for. I will be running you to all the major specs of both the models Z530 and Z630s respectively.



The Acer Liquid Z530 is given an 8 MP auto focus camera accompanied by a dual LED flash. It gives you a whopping 8 MP camera at the front for extraordinary selfies.
The Acer Z630S is too featured by an 8 MP primary auto focus camera along with the dual LED flash and an 8 MP in the front.
Both of the newly launched smartphones are featured with some of the amazing camera features. Clicking memories now just needs to say ‘cheese’! All you need to say is ‘Selfie’ to switch to the front camera. Switching to another mode just makes you say the name of the mode loud! So, your voice is enough for your smartphone to understand you well. Alongside, selfies are now enhanced by the ‘Bright Magic’ which allow you to get bright selfies even in low light. The another new one is that you can now Capture a photo with 10-second voice recording. This makes it easier for you to make memories with photos and sounds.
Battery Life
The battery life on both the smartphones is absolutely brilliant. The Acer Z530 comes with a 2490 mAh long lasting battery and can give you a full day usage in a single charge. While the Acer Z630S comes with a whopping 4000 mAh battery with more than a day of usage in a single charge!
The Acer Z530 is clocked at 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor accompanied by a 1GB/2GB RAM. Immense gaming, HD videos, listen music and whatever you do, Fast! So, multitask at a glance.
The Acer Z630S is enjoyed with a 1.3 GHz Octa-Core processor with an amazing 3GB RAM! Multitasking in a blink of an eye! Play games, side by side, read Email, listen to music, Tweet, upload photographs, all within a second!
The Acer Z530 gives you a 5′ inch HD IPS display for enjoying Hd videos and photos. Watch out every detail, every outfit, every pixel. Making memories is now truly immense!
On the other side, Acer Z630S has a large 5.5′ inch HD IPS display which too gives a high resolution. Now watch HD movies on your smartphones with every detail. Alongside, the Zero Air Gap feature is simply awesome. It reduces the reflection on your phone.
Acer Z530S is powered by 16 GB internal storage while the Acer Z630S doubles it. The 32 GB storage makes you able to download more applications, load movies, photos, videos and many more. Along with this, both the phones have a micro SD card slot which has a capacity of 32 GB.
Both of the smartphones run the dual sim, both support 4G LTE. With this amazing speed, you could stream videos, upload photos and do whatever with amazing speeds!
Both of the smartphones run on the latest Android Lollipop v5.1 with an amazing Acer Liquid UI which comprises features like Acer Float Caller and Left Page and is highly simple and fluid. This basically aims to make your phone more easy to use.
Quick Touch
This basically is a new way to open things and do, by gestures. Following are the gestures that Acer provides:

Swiping up or down – Unlock

Swipe C – Camera

Swipe V – Call

Swiping Z – Launch Music Player/Play

Swiping O – pause

Swiping leftward – Next Song

Swiping rightward – Previous Song


Acer provides a loud and amazing speaker which takes it to a more professional level. ‘DTS Studio Sound’ gives professional cinema experience to you.

Also, Acer is starting a new movement and you should check it out for sure.

Below is the Flipkart link which will redirect you


Speed Up with Intel 6th Gen

Article: Intel introduced it’s all new 6th generation processor which is also believed that it’s the best processor ever by Intel till today. Kirk Skaugen. was quoted saying “6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver some of the most significant advancements in computing that we’ve ever seen” this pretty much explains what wonders can now your processor can do now unlike the older days where the games used to stuck while you try to save your files and missions while playing. Sames goes with software like photoshop, with high design requirement comes a higher demand of good processor because at the end of the day it’s the processor which matters.

Also, when Compared to the 5th gen processors the tests sums up with Intel Skylake promises a 60 percent better performance, 11x better HD graphics performance and an ability to overclock it.

In addition, the 6th Gen Intel Core and Intel Xeon platforms will offer a variety of new features and experiences. More devices will feature Thunderbolt™ 3 for USB Type-C, enabling one compact port that does it all.


What’s More?

Coming Soon Intel® Iris™ Graphics, Intel® vPro™ for business in upcoming months, also a news stated that Intel is planning to deliver more than 48 processors in the 6th Gen Intel Core processor. Which also featuring Intel® Iris™ and Iris Pro graphics, as well as Intel Xeon E3-1500M processor for mobile workstations and 6th Gen Intel® vPro™ processors for business and enterprises. Thus, a variety of devices is planned by Intel which very much commits their promise of delivering the best products.

All You Need to Know About #WhyBanBollywood

So few days back there was an outrage from the Indian media against Bangladesh government even banning Bollywood ringtones in their country. So what is this all about? What will happen? Why did the court pass this order? So everything you need to know about Bangladesh banning Bollywood in their country?


The Theme

Bangladesh has banned Bollywood music, movies and now with recent court judgement they have even banned ‘Bollywood ringtones’. The main motive is said by the Bangladeshi government is ‘It destroy’s the Bangladeshi local cinema and it also affects their culture’. But when on the ground basis the story seems to be different as inside Bangladesh the ‘pirated music and movies are being sold and purchased openly’
India stands with Bollywood
However this topic is buzzing every day in social media with few popular hashtags ‘#WhyBanBollywood & #YoBangladeshSoPirated’ are trending on twitter and many of the Bollywood celebs are coming in support for the fact why Bangladeshi government is showing it’s two-faced character for the same.
The Question
If Bangladesh want to ban Bollywood, it’s their choice. But then a strict action should be taken against people who are doing piracy inside the country. Also, even banning Bollywood ringtones makes no scene at all by the Bangladeshi government. Thus, a corrective measure is required by them.
Here are some of the top reaction from tweeps:

Let people of Bangladesh people & government be the judge. And we should hope for the best by saying….
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5 Everyday Habits That Every Amitians Can Relate To

Last blog ‘Things you commonly hear at Amity University’ <Incase you missed out https://thepranaysingh.com/2015/07/23/things-you-commonly-hear-at-amity-university-noida/&gt; got very much positive response so thus here I am penning down another article on ‘5 Everyday Habits That Every Amitians Can Relate To’

1. Chilling out at Balli

Be it aloo pyaz ka paratha, chai and sutta or just sitting and discussing about back papers. We Amtitans just love Balli no matter what!


2. Waking up every morning and planning attendance.

Stay happy! Dettol kills 99% of germs, all you need to do is kill time for that 75% of attendance! No? Ok.

giphy (2)

3. Visiting Central Library

I don’t have any clue about the toppers. But, but people like me or called as the ‘forgotten ones of the class’ only visit for ‘Faster Wifi’.


4. Trying to cross Mahamaya before 9.15 because ‘PARKING ISSUES’!

Oh Yeah! You know it. Because if not, then you might not find any place to park your car!

giphy (1)

And last but not the least!

5. Checking out ‘Humans of Amity’

We cannot meet and know everybody on our campus.. for everything else there’s Humans of Amity!

Got suggestions? Reviews or someone else to say! Feel free to drop a comment below!

Got reviews? Did I miss out something? Suggest me to write on any topic! Drop with your comments below!

Things You Commonly hear at Amity University, Noida

As the new academic session starts. We bring you some of the general slangs which we at Amity University usually use. For freshers brace yourself to hear thesein your upcoming years and for rest let me know what did I missed out.

‘Theke chalke baithte hai’

Yes. For Food obviously.


‘Bhai! Gaadi kidhar khadi hai teri?’

Where? Underground parking? Outside? Gate Number 4 ke same? WHERE?


‘Botanical metro tak drop milega?’

Why? Because I come from Dwarka that’s why. Metro people! It’s comman no?

‘H-Block chaley?’

Subway, Dominos, CCD, Dosa Plaza, Amul tu name bol bhai. Tu bass name bol!

giphy (2)

’18 chaltey hai’

Either it’s GIP or buying stamp papers / project & reports.

And we saved the best one for you

‘Back lag gayi!’

Yeah. ‘Back Lag Gayi’ is the most common thing we hear around & specially on ‘FBL- Foreign Business Language’

giphy (1)

Comment below if I’ve missed out any of the regular slang. Cheers!

PayPal : Revolutionising India

Paypal is possibly the biggest revolution of the digital age and agree or not it’s PayPal was possibly the first name which used to strike when it was about ‘International Payments’. PayPal for me stands for convenient, free and fully secure services.


In conversation with Dhruv Sawhney (General Manager, Bangalore Technology, PayPal India) here’s what I found out

Paypal currently holds 203 countries and over 100+ currencies globally. With more than 169 million active customers around the globe and 7 million merchants, PayPal recently did 4 billion transactions last year! Which is something really huge because, in a bigger picture, PayPal is everywhere and acting as a catalyst to solve global money transfer issues. Surprisingly 1 billion of these were from mobile payments which also indicates a major shift towards the current taste of users. Growth estimation remains around 68% year-on-year, which is simply wow! While the conversation here are few pointers, which I found were important and should be covered.

10% of entire workforce is here in India

Yes, you heard it right. 10% of the entire global Paypal workforce comes here from India! Which indicates the growth rate, which PayPal is expanding. Thus, clearly mentions India will be playing a bigger role in not just operations but also will be a very vital aspect of the future of PayPal too. While the conversation, it came out that Global Technology product centers in Chennai and Bangalore, which employs over 1300 highly skilled technologists! That means query-handling, bugs, and issues will be fixed in no time! So our PayPal just better!

Intellectual Workforce

“As one of the world’s largest start-ups, PayPal is committed to the development of a technology ecosystem, and giving back to the community. We actively partner and provide technology mentorship to startups, developers, universities and local communities to share, enable and drive innovation” as told by Mr Dhruv clearly indicates that PayPal has surely has set some huge future goals partnering with India. A friendly environment, giving back to the community all signs indicate towards PayPal continuous progress and decision.


Also, the payment firm has formally now separated from it’s parent company eBay now. PayPal has been valued at almost $50bn after formally splitting from eBay and relisting on NASDAQ. I wish PayPal a great smashing success in the upcoming future and it’s strong relation building with India.