Honey up your mind!

Food is a part of everyday life. Even if you are a big time foodie or you eat just eat food only to the fact that you have to eat. It’s an important aspect to know about the good eating habits you develop and follow them for the same. Ensuring yourself about eating healthy, fresh, and nutritional is what everyone would seek because investing in health is the biggest investment one can ever make as it has got very long time returns. Here are some of the points which I need to bring you on notice. So this summers it’s all about ice creams, brownies, milkshakes & smoothies. You balance your food well enough

What is a healthy approach?

A healthy approach towards the food is important. It does not only mean including green vegetables and adding less salted or starting to eat salads. It means to balance your food in such a way that you get all the necessary nutritarians and minerals. Thus, no matter you eat brownies or ice cream all you need to balance that because if you’re not eating good food, then you are not living it at all.

The Food Rainbow

So first of all what is this thing called food rainbow? The food rainbow is adding different colors to your plate (yellow, green, red etc) mixing them and eating will help you develop better. Food rainbow is a great way to make sure you are getting a healthy variety of nutrients in your diet.

So, this summers go honey! Yes, the Dabur honey is all you need to balance you food diet. Here’s what I found about the benefits of just a tea spoon of honey & Visit Honey Diet for more!

Substitute Sugar

Hey diabitic patentis! All you now need to do is add a teaspoon of honey rather than sugar on daily basis to balance your sugar problems. Yes, the honey has proven its worth with it’s added viatimins, minirals and anti-oxidante. Thus, adding sugar is a great way to help you manage your sugar issues.

Manages Health

With the great boost of neccasry elemtns of the body. Honey helps to manage health and fight diseses like cold and cough. Yes, rememebr the time when your grandma used to make you gulp a teaspoon of honey when you were sick? That’s another benefit of honey which comes into the light.

Glowing Skin

Honey help you to make your skin glow. With it’s nautirshing property it helps you to maintain it as well. Thus, that’s another way of getting glowing skin? Isn’t it?

Energy Sourse

With the nutrutitonal purpose, honey is a proven champoion of the proving enery sourse to the human body! That’s another added feautre you get while taking a sip of honey! Yay!

Thus, these summer eat what you want to eat! But make sure to get your dabur honey! For more details visit http://www.daburhoney.com/ now!


Surf It Easy!


India. A place where cricket is more than just a game and really close to a religion. A place where the cricketers are treated not less than gods it is important for every cricket freak to stay connected with the game. It can be in the form of the live streaming, ball by ball updates or by refreshing your twitter timeline. But the important aspect which needs to be covered is the ‘overall browsing experience because while you multitask with your dear handset it’s important that your browser should also help you by giving a smooth and error free experience. Well identifying all these things UC browser is one of the revolutionary browsers which I ‘ve come across recently. It has also got UC Cricket, so download and experience right now! This browser has got it all for a modern day mobile web user. Some of the key functions which I’ve experianced in my handset and iPad are listed

1. Data Saving Effectiveness

Well yes, trust me. UC browser saves more than 50% of your data balance when compared to the other browser which are in the market. The downloading speed also increases as because of it’s functioning on low data balance which therefore allows you to surf fast and download even faster. So the next time when you are low on your data, you know which place will save your balance.

2. Low Light Reading Sense

Well this feature allows you to read in the night and the best part of this is that you can adjust the brightness of the browser which ultimately helps your eyes to do not take much strain & read with much more ease and comfort. Also, this is just a great feature which really helps you differentiate from the other web browsers.

3. Incredibly Fast

When it comes to surfing, UC browser is really fast. It also uploads photo’s faster than other web browsers and even helps you upload photo’s with greater efficiency. For me, the overall experience was pretty good and I was quite happy by the way UC browser has come up with these little features which combines together and makes an awesome user interface altogether.

4. Privacy Settings

Well UC browser is ‘the’ browser which helps ‘you’ gain the maximum privacy while surfing online and logging on to your social media websites like facebook, twitter, gmail etc from your internet device. In these times where your presence is accounted on your social presence, UC browser can be trusted with it’s advanced privacy settings to help you surf with ease and without worries.

Watch out this latest video by UC Browser.

Listed above were some pointers which I thought are worth to notice, I bet there are pretty more features which have been done on the latest versions of the UC browser. I’ll leave you all by just saying – Make sure you have a good network connection and data balance for everything else there’s UC browser! Download the UC browser here http://www.ucweb.com/ 

Shake It With Airtel

Recently I came to know about Airtel Mobile App which is giving out full on surprises to its Airtel surpreises. To be very honest, it’s one of the best way to manage all the service details just with a click of the button. All you need to download the app and shake it off to get surprises flowing to your way! Here are few of the features of the Airtel Mobile app which I really loved and think are possible a step ahead from other service providers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.44.01 pm

1. Airtel Surprises-

Visit Store, Download App & Shake! Yes! It’s that simple! Free coupons which will save you from spending extra and keeping your pocket in full control. Coffee, Chocolate, Ice Cream you name it. They have it! And not only this it reminds about your current recharge and packs which are activated along with the dates they are valid. So, the next time you are out travelling somewhere, with just a click of a button can help you when you can recharge your tariff plans and carry your expedition. Airtel has made it simple for their users to keep track of their account status as well. Thus, Airtel has a surprise for each and every one of you!

2. I Want To..

The second most important features which I want to bring your attention towards is ‘I want to’ tab. Well, I want to tab is my favorite section of the app as because it has got all the features on the go! Yes, on the go! You can even customize the various features, according to your prefrenaces. For example- If I am always short of balance, then I can save ‘balance’ on top of my priority and recharge on the go. This apply with all the features in the app, so different features, different people but one app that unites & binds us all from now! That’s the ‘My Airtel App’.

3. Low Balance Alerts & Reminders on the Go

If you too forget your bill payments and data recharges on time just like me, well  then yes! Airtel my app is now your personal saviour as because it will give you alerts before you miss out your urgent calls and also help you recharge your DTM account as well. It’s one of the fully loaded mobile apps for your every service solution. Just one touch and you are logged in with the things by whom you are always connected with. Some key features are brief below

Add or Remove Airtel Services, Explore Wynk / One Touch Internet/ Airtel Live alerts on low balance, low data, bill payment, due date.
Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 2.43.10 pm
So here it is! Introducing the all new Airtel My App! You can download it from the google, iOs, Windows play store or download it here at http://www.airtel.in/myairtel.

Most Versatile Zenfone Ever : Asus Zenfone 2

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.21.37 pm


Asus with their Zenfone 2 is not more than storm in the Indian Market! Well, Zenfone’s by Asus are one of the popular phones amongst the buyers who are looking up for a smartphone experience under the budget of 20k & Asus is always focussed on the consistent innovation & new technology with a better-driven force. In this blog post, I will be sharing the top 5 aspects / features which you can look forward in the Asus zenfone 2 who is the new trendsetter in the market.

1. The Battery
Asus claims to charge 60% of the battery within the time span of 40 minutes which I think is pretty good when we compare other android phones in the same segment. The Battery will be my core pick in terms of features because pssst! We always need more battery any day!

2. The Camera
13 MP is pretty much you can get in other phones in the same segment, but Asus but low light mode helps to take 400% brighter pictures when you click your photos are a night without flash. This makes zenfone an edge over the other phones.

3. 4 GB Ram
The Asus Zenfone comes with a cheering 4 GB RAM which is quite not obvious. Now you can play uber cool game’s & multi-task with even more efficiency & effectiveness. 4 GB Ram is more like a revolution in the smartphones and Asus thus clearly takes a step further. 4 GB RAM is not just about speed, its about the power you have to install & run any app from the store without getting stuck and errors which we used to have in RAMs which were below 1 GB. Thus, RAM surely turns heads for many.

4. Body
The Asus Zenfone comes with the nice body & comes up with a 72% screen to body ratio. Also, with a mix & blend of colors it comes up with 2 exciting variants, Transfusion, and Illusion. Pretty much moving ahead from the boring black, blue, green etc, Zenfone Illusion is pretty much defined what Asus has certainly trying to give a fresh look in the hands of the user.

5. Premium Protection
View Flip Cover Deluxe protects the phone fine display from scratches, and also it makes all important information available at a glance. With a window for time, incoming calls & new messages all available right in front of you so that never miss out important things in your life.
The phone is already having a good buzz in the market and following up the current trend scenario the phone is doing pretty well which I’ve heard from those who are currently testing the phone. Thus, it’s really worth a shot!

AAMA2014 : Real Music, Real Awards

Music. The only universal language which connects people & their hearts! The artists are not less than gods who work hard to get that perfect vibe which gets us moving. While some artists have climbed their way to the success there are still many who are working hard to make it to the top stage. So, lets cut all the intro theme & let me introduce you to Artist Aloud Music Awards 2014! The yearly awards conducted by Artist Aloud which is powered by Hungama.com. This is the 4th edition of the awards & each year its getting bigger & better!


The Plot

This year there are 2 phases of public voting & 1 jury voting. The 1st phase is live now & ends at 22nd April Midnight. The top artist voted in each category will progress in the next round & then will compete at Phase 2 with another public voting which will go live on 29th April. The jury voting will be done by the likes of Mandar Thakur, Suresh Thomas, Samir Bangara, Ashish Joshi, Luke Kenny and many more!

Why Do We Need Awards?

Remember the time when you were aged 10 & used to score good marks? And, after the yearly session gets over the Principal used to call you on stage to hand you a token of appreiciation? Remember that feel? Yes, this is why we exactly need it. Independent & underground artists should be appreciated for their contribution towards Indian Music. This will inspire them to work harder & give them the recognition they always needed.

But, Wait!

Artist Aloud also have the super presence of some of the top music names like Himesh Reshammiya, Kailash Kher, Abhijit Da, Salim Merchant & many more!

How can you help?

Visit http://www.artistaloud.com/aama/genre & chose any category along with the subcategory of Best Male, Best Female, best group, best song & vote on! Every vote counts & will make that artist an inch closer to his award!

Gillette : Age Of ‘Shavethon’

Before asking me about the above topic ‘Shaveathon’, play this video below.

Gillette just really killed it by this spoof of Avengers: age of ultron & getting heads up for this worldwide. The ad starts with Stark Industries (If you don’t know what Stark Industries was, you watched the wrong video) introducing the new Gillette shaver product & range. The ‘Avenger Inspired Technology’ mainly as Hulk, Captain America, Thor & Iron Man looked really kickass and will make you fall in love with all of them with the first look.

Gillette ended up saying with ‘Superheros need razor too’ was one the best punch which any brand can give & probably killing other leading hyped technological ads. Surely, Gillette R&D is a big time Marvel fan which delivered a master price!

Start Of A Cold War : McD vs Taco Bell

Before we all begin with, Watch this ad below

If you are a enslaved in ‘Routine Republic’ is probably time for you to move out and become a rebel. Well, that’s what the agenda is of the new taco bell advertisement gives you. With all those clowns and army men iconically represent Ronald McDonalds. This is surely a start of an open war called off by Taco Bell to McDonalds.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.08.32 pm

Interestingly the video also symbolises that circles are the only choice they have and hexagon is banned from the city. Which clearly states that burgers are superior to taco’s. Video also emphasises on ‘same breakfast, same breakfast’ repeatedly which also denotes to the fact that Mc Donalds has not changed its product for ages and has the same menu over and over again.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.08.47 pm

Also, Taco Bell also added the track “Blitzkrieg Bop” which is the global theme song of rebels in the late ’70s. Adds pretty much of more rebel feel. Overall makes this ad with a very strong impact in the mind of consumers. It’s completely win-win situation for Taco Bell here & we all can hope for the reply anytime soon after the Mc Donalds officials watch this ad. Is this the start of a cold war? We will find out.